Composers Cauldron

Composers Cauldron provides a forum for young composers to refine their compositions under the guidance of internationally renowned composers, to work with performers dedicated to contemporary performance practice, and to hear their music played and recorded by great players in amazing venues.

Each season different guest composition teachers share their insights and experiences with selected participants through private lessons and also lead colloquiums on extended techniques alongside guest performers.  Open rehearsals are offered for both the guest teachers’ works as well as the new compositions emerging from the participating composers.


Composers also have the opportunity to delve into the rich traditions of Turkish classical and folk music and explore exciting new trends in contemporary music- that of incorporating traditional musical material into the language of western composition.

Past teachers:

Kamran Ince, Marc Mellits, Onur Turkmen, Stephen Hartke, Joel Brons, Tolga Yayalar, Kurt Rhode, Reuben de Lautour, Ozkan Manav, Michael Ellison