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The Rule-Makers,
The Rule-Breakers

This group of acclaimed musicians and pedagogues are each experts in their individual classical traditions (Turkish classical, Persian classical and Western classical) and at the same time they experiment and explore many different musical genres and styles.

They will be available for privates lessons and consultations, improvisation sessions and talks, and seminars with composers

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Esra Berkman


Amir Amiri


Çağatay Akyol


With the friendly support of

The Rule-Makers; The Rule-Breakers

This title plays with the Turkish nickname for Suleiman the Magnificent ‘Kanuni’ meaning Rule-Maker (or Law-Giver). With general usages in Greek as well as Arabic, meaning measurement, standard or proportion, it is no surprise that the same name (kanun) is used for a string instrument. Since the time of Pythagoras’s legendary investigations on the monochord, instrumentalists and theorists have debated aspects of melody and harmony through the myriad of mathematical divisions of a string. KK has invited a kanun player, santur player, harpist, harpsichordist and pianist to delve into these rules, capacities and natures of their instruments with young composers as well as with a general audience. They will also have the chance to join in discussions with the faculty and students of the esteemed educational and research institute, the Nesin Mathematics Village and the Arkhe project.

For booking private lessons and master classes please go to Private Lessons page

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