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KK Collective

The KK Collective is a loose consortium of performers and small ensembles that have been associated with Klasik Keyifler (KK), a Turkish NGO and music festival based in Cappadocia. Over the last 11 years, these musicians have shared their passions for chamber music performance, collaboration with composers, and research on Turkish music of all types.

A Showcase for Turkish Composers and Performers
A Mini-festival

(With musicians residing in the US)

CONCERT PROGRAM (Can be altered)

Ozkan Manav (1967-)
Three Turkish Folk Songs, for cello and piano 10’


Kamran Ince (1960-)
Dede Remix for for violin and piano 8’


Cemal Reşit Rey (1904-1985)

Wanderings in a City that Exists Only in Memories

Floral Field -The Grand Plane Tree for solo piano 15’

Mahir Cetiz (1977-) Soliloquy for solo violin 17’

Fazıl Say (1970-)
From Dances of Nasreddin Hodja for solo piano 11’


Onur Türkmen (1972-)
Beautiful and Unowned for solo violin 20’


Ahmet Adnan Saygun (1907-1991) Demet Suite for violin and piano 17’

Erberk Eryılmaz (1989-)

Miniatures for Piano trio 11’


Ulvi Cemal Erkin (1906- 1972)

Piano Quintet 22’

Ellen Jewett, violin,
Idil Kucukdogan, violin,

Yıgıt Karatas, violin,

Marka Gustafson, viola

Elizabeth Simkin, cello

Xak Bjerken, piano

Izem Gurer, piano

Mahir Cetiz, composer

  • Additional discussions are possible on subjects regarding: the chamber music of Turkish Republican-era composers (Turkish 5), Turkish microtonality (makamsal theory)

  • If live streaming is technically possible, we can hold interviews with composers living abroad

  • If a sound system is available, we can air other commissioning projects such as:

  • Sei Solo CD landsman

  • Re-imagining the Brandenburg concertos

       KK YouTube Channel

Anadolu Beşli.jpg

Anatolian Wind Quintet

The Anatolian Wind Quintet is beloved by audiences throughout Turkey for their brilliant and exuberant performances. Formed in 2014, these musicians are equally at home with the classical western repertoire as with the music of Turkey. Each of their concert programs are interactive, and journey between music of our time, and the timeless melodies and cultural traditions of Anatolia. Through the years, they have arranged  numerous works for wind quintet, and are continuously seeking unique ways to introduce these folk songs and joyful rhythms to new listeners around the world.


NK Ensemble is a song based new music ensemble that aims to develop a unique repertoire and a research platform on the usage of particular Turkish Music traditional instruments and maqams. NK Ensemble has been initiated upon composer Onur Türkmen and kemençe player Nermin Kaygusuz’s collaboration since 2000.

The debut album “Lahza” featuring pieces by five contemporary Turkish composers is published by Bilgi Music Label in 2019. The album is available on Spotify and iTunes.

Bosporus Trio.webp
ulucan-trio-albumu-CD Photo.png

Ulucan Trio

Spotify Album, 2020

Bosphorus Trio consists of three hardworking musicians who overcome the distances with their ideals, succeeds to bring together their professional careers with a strong amateur soul in order to bring new breath to the piano trio repertoire. Shortly after their establishment, they were invited to radio programs, gave concerts in prestigious concert halls and festivals and made a strong impression on the musical environment. Since their first meeting, “our composers, first” has been their motto and to discover the forgotten and unknown treasures of Turkish composers is the mission that they make it real. Undoubtedly the best example to this ideal is the Istanbul Premiere of the Ferid Tuzun’s Piano Trio which was performed in Turkey 68 years after it was written, at the prestigious Süreyya Opera Hall. Bosphorus Trio made it possible to perform the work also at the 35th International Ankara Music Festival. Along with the Turkish composers, the trio aims to bring new perspective and fresh interpretation to widely known classical works from different periods as well such as Haydn, Beethoven, Dvorak, Debussy which are some of them. Since their first concert, with the great support from the public and classical music environment, they continue their journey as a culture-vessel, clearing from the Bosphorus to the world.

Hoppa Prtoject.webp

Hoppa Project aims to promote music from Eastern Europe and the Middle East by performing the music of the region with a wide range of styles from folk to newly commissioned contemporary music.
Hoppa is an exclamation that is commonly used in the region to say “Come on!, Let’s go!”. This is the attitude we feel is needed to share what we love. Our goal is to expose people to a culture that they might not know well and also bring foreigners abroad back home with music. Hoppa Project brings western and eastern trained musicians together in order to discover cultural connections.
Some of Hoppa Project’s recent events include a multi-day annual Turkish Music Festival in Houston, a concert series of Turkish and Australian music to remember the 100 year anniversary of the events at Gelibolu (Gallipoli) during World War I; and the Segâh Festival of Persian and Turkish Music, a multi-day festival held in Pittsburgh, PA to highlight the cultural relationship between these two regions.
Hoppa Project premiered and recorded Reza Vali's Sornâ (Folk Songs, Set No. 17) which is included in the album The Ancient Call released by Albany Records in 2016. Hoppa Project has collaborated with varied artists such as clarinetist Ismail Lumanovski, Beth Bahia Cohen, Carpe Diem String Quartet, Del Sol String Quartet, Apollo Chamber Players, singer Ayşe Göknur Şanal, and composers Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol, Özkan Manav Önder Özkoç, Yiğit Kolat and Kamran İnce.

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