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Alexander Technique
Ann Rodiger
Balance Art Center

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Terms and Conditions

Workshops will be held in Stoa-Şirince

Each workshop capacity is 15 people and will be  accepted on a 'first come, first serve basis'.

Participation is open to anyone (you do not have to be a performing artists!) Ages are 18 and up, unless accompanied by a guardian.

Participation costs: 

5-day workshop  300 Euros

3-day workshop 250 Euros

2-day workshop  150 Euros

90 minute drop-in to classes 40 Euros

Private lessons for 1 hour 60 Euros

Private lessons for 30 minutes 40 Euros

Financial assistance is available. Please indicate the reasons for your need on the application form.

Accommodation/Food is provided by Stoa, including 3 meals per day plus snacks.


Note- food serving and cleaning is shared together by all the staff, teachers and participants residing at Stoa during the workshops.


Choices of housing  per day including meals:

Single room  85 Euros per person

Double room 60 Euros per person

Triple room  55 Euros per person

4-person Bunk room 50 Euros per person

14- person Bunk room 40 Euros per person

Arrival date should be night before the course starts, and departure date should be morning after the course ends.

For accommodation suggestions in nearby hotels and pensions, please click here

Registration fee.: 25 Euros

This will be deducted from the main payment.  Application fee will not be reimbursed.


50% of both the Participation Fee and the Accommodation/Food Fee must be made before July 14

Note: Accommodation and food payments will be calculated according to your choices, and we will send you an iyzico link via WhatsApp/Email. 

Remaining Fees must be paid before Aug 11

Details are in the payment page

If you have questions:

Tel/WhatsApp: +90 532 614 4955  / +90 533 629 9118


Stoa Courtyard

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Stoa Big Hall

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Stoa Amphi

Alexander Technique Workshops with Ann Rodiger 

30 August - 8 September

Ann Rodiger, a renowned Alexander Technique teacher and trainer, is based in midtown Manhattan at her school Balance Arts Center. She will be joining the  10th KK Music Festival during this period for special classes, consultations and will offer support to the musicians performing.

She will be available for private lessons and consultations, and will lead these multi-day courses listed below.

Choose one of these 5, 3 or 2-day workshops . 1-day drop ins will be accepted depending on capacity.

5 day workshop Aug 30th - Sept 3rd

3 day workshop Aug 30th - Sept 1st

2 day workshop Sept 2nd-3rd

Principles of Alexander Technique

5-day workshop  August 30th- September 3rd (5 hours per day group lessons, plus participants have the choice to join or audit the daily 90 minute sessions for performing artists)

Expand your mind/body awareness through the Alexander Technique with Ann Rodiger. Each day will be devoted to a different AT Principle designed to help you to explore your thought and movement habits, overall balance, and sensory awareness. These varius explorations will help you establish a new "normal" for your interactions with yourself, the environment, and your art form. Students will receive individualized verbal and hands-on instruction during this intensive workshop, in order to help embody your learning.

Special workshops: AT for Instrumentalists, Speakers/Singers and Dancers

3-day workshop August 30th- September 1st (5 hours per day, participants will be joining the Principles of Alexander Technique classes. This workshop will also include 90 minutes per day of sessions focused on specific AT techniques to help performing artists Amateur and professionals are accepted- please write us about your interests on the application form.

2-day workshop September 2nd-3rd (5 hours per day, participants will be free to join the Principles of Alexander Technique classes.  This workshop will also include 90 minutes per day of sessions focused on specific AT techniques to help performing artists.  Amateur and professionals are accepted- please write us about your interests on the application form

For Instrumentalists: Bring your instruments to these workshops and we will look at how you support and interact with them during practice and performance. We will look at your own body as part of the instrument and how you expand your awareness to include yourself, your instrument, and the music. Students will receive individualized verbal and hands-on instruction during the workshop

For Speakers/Singers: Vocal production will be our focus for these workshops. We will follow Alexander's own vocal process of understanding the voice in this workshop so you too can learn to attend to your vocal habits and discover more resonance and ease in speaking and singing. Students will receive individualized verbal and hands-on instruction during the workshop.

For Dancers: Explore the small and large movements of the dancer in these workshops. We will look at how to initiate your movements and how to follow through with direction and flow. Bring your technical questions about your head, neck, back, legs, and arm and how to integrate them into the whole. Students will receive individualized verbal and hands-on instruction during the workshop.

Ann Rodiger is the Founder and director of the Balance Arts Center in New York City. She has nearly 40 years of experience teaching the Alexander Technique. Her teaching draws from her knowledge from teaching the BAC Teacher Training Course and private lessons in the US and abroad as well as her knowledge of Labanotation, Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, yoga, meditation and various dance techniques. She has developed the BAC Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program and substantial programming for performing artists.


How to apply:

Please read the terms and conditions, fill in the form and pay the registration fee.

Please tell us about your interests in the box on the application form.

Application Form
Alexander Technique

Which: WS you want to join ?

After pushing the Submit button please wait

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Thank you for your application. We will get back to you soon!

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