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Private Lessons
Master Classes

Resident artists will be available for a limited number of private lessons, group masterclasses and consultations during their residency dates written below. 

Individuals interested in these services are not required to join a fixed workshop in order to make requests to work with these musicians. 

Please fill our the application with your requested dates and teacher.

1-Ellen Jewett, violin: 27 Aug - 4 Sept

2-Gökhan Bağcı, cello: 27 Aug - 4 Sept

3-Eser Öykü Dede, piano: 27 Aug - 9 Sept

4-Ann Rodiger: 30 Aug- 8 Sept

5-Marton Borsanyi: 27-31 Aug

6-İmge Tilif,  violin: 27-31 Aug

7-Özge Özerbek, violin: 27 Aug - 1 Sept

8-Kerem Tuncer, violin:   27 Aug -1 Sept 

9-Emre Akman, viola: 27 Aug - 1 Sept

10-Ayşen Ulucan; violin: 2-7 Sept

11-Poyraz Baltacıgil, cello: 4-7 Sept

12-Muhammedjan Sharipov, violin:    ?????

13-Sara Parkins, violin: 3-9 Sept

14-Olgu Kızılay, violin: 5-9 Sept

15-Emmanuel Vukovich: violin: 5-9 Sept

16-Ceren Türkmenoğlu, violin: 5-9 Sept

17-Ali Başeğmezler, viola: 5-9 Sept

18-Laura Krentzman, viola:  5-9 Sept

19-Gözde Yaşar, cello: 5-9 Sept

20-Çağatay Akyol, harp: 7-8 Sept

21-Amir Amiri, santur: 5-9 Sept

22-Esra Berkman, kanun: 5-9 Sept-

23-Buğra Kutbay, winds:  5-9 Sept

24-Atakan Turaç, bağlama: 5-9 Sept

Price for 1 hour of private lesson is 60 Euro

Some financial aid is available- Please explain your need on the form.

Payments for private lessons need to be paid in full before the lesson time. Once the lesson number is confirmed, KK will send you an Izico  invoice by email or WhatsApp for online payment.

Accommodation/Food at Stoa:

Choices of housing  per day including 3 meals plus snacks:

Single room  85 Euros per person
Double room 60 Euros per person
Triple room  55 Euros per person
4-person Bunk room 50 Euros per person
14- person Bunk room 40 Euros per person

Note: food serving and cleaning is shared together by all the staff, teachers and participants residing at Stoa during the workshops.

For accommodation suggestions in nearby hotels and pensions, please click here

If you have questions:

Tel/WhatsApp: +90 532 614 4955   

                        +90 533 629 9118

Private Lessons/MC Request Form

After pushing the Apply button please wait

until you see a thank you message

and button turns black again. Do not close this page until then

Thank you for your application.

We will get back to you soon!

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