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 Re-Imagining the Brandenburg   Concertos 

A 300-year Celebration

Re-imagining the Brandenburg Concertos; A 300-year Celebration


November 15-16 2021 at Cemal Resit Rey (CRR) Concert Hall in Istanbul

2-concert series of the 6 Brandenburg Concertos, paired with 6 world premieres


6 Premieres:

Zeynep Toraman, Colorists are epic poets; a slow movement; Berkant GençkalThe Fragments of Ender’s Book; Emircan Pehlivan, Dolapdere Concerto; Sabina Khujaeva, Astray; Akin Kilis, Konçerto Pera; Toykan Efe Kahraman, Déjà vu

Short Bios of the composers

This project Re-imagining the Brandenburg Concertos presents this set of Bach’s 6 concertos alongside premieres of 6 new pieces commissioned by KK.  These new works will each be scored with Bach’s instrumentation, and performed side by side with the original Bach works. 


In 1721, Bach sent his collection of 6 concertos for various instrumental combinations to the Margrave of Brandenburg in Berlin (the military commander of the Holy Roman Empire). Many scholars believe that Bach was offering these works as a kind of ‘job application’, but nothing seemed to come from his submission. The 6 manuscripts were rediscovered in 1849, and in recent times these pieces have become some of the most beloved works on chamber music concert series around the world.


These programs follow a summer residency in Cappadocia, and bring together a group of 24 musicians from prestigious ensembles including the Manhattan Quartet, members of the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, Istanbul State Symphony, Hezarfen Ensemble, Hoppa Project and from institutions such as Mimar Sinan Music Conservatory, the Ankara Music and Fine Arts University and Istanbul State Conservatory as well as Bursa State Conservatory. KK invited Hungarian harpsichordist and scholar Márton Borsányi as a special guest advisor for this project. He teaches at the MDW/University for Music and Art in Vienna and Liszt Academy in Budapest.

Brandenburg program 1

No. 2 Bach, in F major, BWV 1047 13’

No. 2 Akın Kilis 

Piccolo trumpet, flute, oboe, solo violin

2 violins, viola, cello, bass and harpsichord

No. 1 Bach, in F major, BWV 1046 

2 horns, 3 oboes, bassoon, solo violin, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass and harpsichord

No.1 ’ Emircan Pehlivan


No. 4 7-10’ Berkant Gençkal

No. 4 Bach, in G major, BWV 1049  

2 flutes, solo violin, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass and harpsichord


Brandenburg Program 2

No. 3 in G major, BWV 1048 

3 violins, 3 violas, 3 cellos, and harpsichord

No. 3 Zeynep Toraman 


No. 6 Toykan Efe Kahraman 

No. 6 in B major, BWV 1051 

2 violas, 3 cello, bass, and harpsichord

No. 5 Sabina Khujaeva 

No. 5 in D major, BWV 1050 

Solo flute, solo harpsichord, solo violin, 1 violin, viola, cello and bass

Flute : Cem Önertürk, Seray Seyhan 
Oboe : Serkan Altınok, Ulaş Yurtoğlu, Ufuk Soygürbüz 
Bassoon : Berke Hitay
Horn : Cem Akçora, Hüseyin Uçar
Trumpet : Onurcan Çağatay
Violin : Ellen Jewett, Anna Lim, İmge Tilif
Viola : Laure Krentzman, Dinç Nayan, Nora Heder 
Cello : Mehmet Gökhan Bağcı, Gözde Yaşar, Selin Nardemir, Alp Ediz İlgen 
Double Bass : Deniz Yurdakul, Gökçe Küçükarslan
Harpsichord : Marton Borsanyi, Barış Büyükyıldırım, Kandemir Basmacıoğlu

Conductor: Erberk Eryılmaz

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We are grateful to 

The Liszt Institute-Hungarian Cultural Center


for their invaluable support to this project

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