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KK 2023 Şirince Concert Program

10th Klasik Keyifler Music Festival

2023 Şirince and Selçuk

Concert and Event Program

Blue Concerts

Green Seminars/Talks/Open rehearsals

All concerts and seminars are free and open to the public

August 27 

21:30 -Selçuk Efes Kent Belleği Museum 

A Baroque Fest, Music of Handel and Teleman

Artists: Borsányi, Özerbek, Jewett, Tilif, Sharipov, Akman, Bağcı


August 28

14:30 - NMK Amphitheater

The Rule-Makers; Pythagoras and the Monochord 

Speakers: Marton Borsányi


August 30

8:30 - Stoa Amphitheater 

BAC with Bach; 

Movement and Music

Artists: Borsányi and Rodiger 

21:30 - NMK Library 

Victory Day; 100 Years of Music: Tura, Engin Dağlık*, Can Kazaz*, Mert Kocadayı* and Erkin

Artists: Dede, Tilif, Jewett, Sharipov, Akman, Bağcı 


August 31

21:30 - Selçuk Efes Kent Belleği Museum 

Sei Solo; Sei Tutti Noi: Music by Mert Moralı*, Can Bilir*, Senay Uğurlu* 

Artists: Tuncer, Bağcı and KK Baroque participants


September 2

8:30 - Stoa Amphitheater 

BAC with Bach; Movement and Music 

Artists: Jewett, Bağcı and Rodiger 

21:30 - NMK Library 

Waking Dreams; Schumann's Music Piano Recital 

Artist: Başar Can Kıvrak


September 3

21:30 -Stoa

The Rule-Makers; Bach's Goldberg Variations 

Artists: Özerbek, Akman, Bağcı "Baroquest“


September 4

8:30 - Stoa Amphitheater 

BAC with Bach; Movement and Music 

Artists: Ulucan and Rodiger 

21:30 - Kayserkaya

Turkish and Persian Classics (Kanun and Santur)

Artists: Berkman and Amiri 


September 5

8:30 - Stoa Amphitheater 

BAC with Bach; Movement and Music 

Artists: Özerbek, Akman and Rodiger

14:30 - NMK Amphitheater 

The Rule-Makers;; Musical Geometries from the East 

Speakers: Berkman and Amiri (kanun and santur)

21:30 - Selçuk Efes Kent Belleği Museum

Sei Solo, Sei Tutti Noi; Music by Didem Çoşkunseven*, Camilo Mendez*, Hakkı Cengiz Eren*, Aida Shirazi*, Ceren Türkmenoğlu, 

Artists: Baltacıgil, Ulucan, Yaşar and KK Ensembles


September 6

8:30 - Stoa Amphitheater 

BAC with Itri; Movement and Music

Artists: Kutbay and Rodiger

10:00 - Stoa Library 

Introduction to his Music and Experiences with Legendary Composers

Speaker: Garth Knox

11:00 - 13:00 Stoa Library

On the Use of Non-Western Instruments in Composition: 

Speakers: Berkman, Amiri, Kutbay and Turaç 

18:30 - Stoa Amphitheater 

Meşk Hour 

Artists: Asım Kuzuluk, Berkman, Amiri, Vukovich, Akyol and M to M Guests

21:30 -Selçuk Efes Kent Belleği Museum

On the Wings of Angels;  A harp recital with Çağatay Akyol

Massenet, Faure, Saint-Saens, Farkash, Haendel, Salzedo, Debussy, Akyol, Veysel, İdil Özkan*

Guest Artists: Poyraz Baltacıgil and Ayşen Ulucan

23:00 - Kayserkaya

Open Mic: KK Artists and Participants


September 7

8:30 - Stoa Amphitheater 

BAC with Bach and Bartok; Movement and Music

Artists: Vukovich and Rodiger

16:30 - Stoa Amphitheater

Meşk Hour

Artists: Asım Kuzuluk, Berkman, Amiri, Vukovich, Akyol and M to M Guests

18:00 - Stoa 

KK Extravaganza; Participants/Student Concert 

20:00 - Stoa Library  (Online)

The Dust of Colonialism, Eurocentrism in Art Music 

Speaker: Reza Vali


September 8

10:00 - Stoa Amphitheater 

Meşk Hour

Artists: Asim Kuzuluk, Berkman, Amiri, Vukovich, Akyol and M to M Guests

14:00-16:30 - Stoa Library 

Open Discussion on Adaptive Musical Scoring of Story-Driven Video Games

Speaker: Clint Bajakian 

17:30 - Stoa 

From the Composers Cauldron; 8 New Works for String Quartet and Turkish Instruments by Young Composers: İsmeyeva*, Nabizad*, Nyamuda*, Tiryaki*, Çarıkçıoğlu*, Sayar*, Şahin*, Edikli*

Artists: Parkins, Türkmenoğlu, Krentzman, Yaşar, Kızılay, Jewett, Özerbek, Başemezler, Bağcı, Turaç, Kutbay

21:00 Stoa Amphitheather

Antiokheia Trio:  Erdem, Çalhan, Kalıver

21:30 - Stoa Amphitheater

Hoppa Project; Into the Future from the Land of Makams Songs and Dances from Hatay and Çukurova with Music by Ljova, Eryılmaz, Turaç, Kutbay, Vali

Artists: Special Guest Asım Kuzuluk and Hoppa Project


September 9

8:30 - Stoa Amphitheater 

BAC with Improvisation; Movement and Music

Artists: Amiri, Akyol, Türkmenoğlu and Erdem

14:00-16:00 - Stoa Library 

Clint Bajakian introduces his music; Open Discussion Seminar Video Game Excerpt Presentation

Presenter: Clint Bajakian

16:30-18:30 -Selçuk Kent Belleği Museum 

Exploring Turkish Quartets of the Republican Era 

Artists: Garth Knox, KK Quartets and O'da Tekfen

21:30 NMK Library 

The Rule-Breakers; Music of Beethoven, Knox, Eryılmaz, Amiri, Doğuduyal*, and Bartok

Artists: Kızılay, Vukovich, Özerbek, Parkins, Jewett, Başeğmezler, Krentzman, Yaşar, Bağcı, Akyol, Berkman, Türkmen, Erdal, Amiri, Knox, Kaya, Marques, Contemparlado and Hoppa Project 

23:00 Kayserkaya 

An Evening with Clint Bajakian; Composer of your Favorite Video Games

Artist: Clint Bajakian 


September 10 

13:30 -16:30 Selçuk Efes Kent Belleği Museum 

Turkish String Quartets; the First Generation Music of Rey, Canselen, İlerici ,Erkin, Akses, Koral and Ün (Concert with Discussion/Commentary)

Performers: O 'Da Tekfen (Yağız Erarslan, Yiğit Uğurlu, Hüseyin Mehmetoğlu and Serdar Mamaç) Jewett, Kızılay, Başeğmezler, Bağcı, Türkmenoğlu, Parkins, Krentzman, Yaşar, Erdal, Türkmen, Kaya, Marques

  • Works marked * are world premieres and are made possible with the friendly support of the E.V. Siemens Music Foundation..

  • M to M:  Musician to Musician is a series of solidarity concerts with musicians affected by the recent earthquake. This campaign is organized through the US-based  501C3 Chamber Music Exchange .

  • The program is subject to slight changes, please follow our website and social media accounts for the latest updates.

  • The BAC (Balance Arts Center)  Movement and Music events will be led by Ann Rodiger, an expert in Alexander Technique. These are open to the public.

  • NMK: Nesin Matematik Köyü

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