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Festival Concerts

The world has changed since we started playing concerts in Cappadocia in 2008 but I believe that the need to step into a quieter realm remains as constant as ever. As performers, we spend our time ‘re-creating’ the rich notations of composers and we rely on a certain kind of magic to inspire us to channel a different time and place through our study and performance…Where could one find better place to ponder the infinite possibilities of a musical phrase than Cappadocia- the Land of Enchantment?? After these years since founding KK, Husam and I are overjoyed to have found a wonderful group of young musicians willing to take the management of the KK dernek as well as the festival. Gokhan (who has been coming every year since our 1st workshop) has taken over the majority of the planning for 2017 along with the assistance of Cem and Onder. These are just the core group of a much wider collective of individuals and establishments that help make this kind of music-making possible. The heart of our connection to Cappadocia has always been Nuray from Ziggy Café, and she will be missed terribly.

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