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Composer's Cauldron 2018

The Composers Cauldron provides a forum for young composers to refine their compositions, explore new ideas, work with performers and hear their music played by great players in amazing venues.  The 8 composers selected for this workshop will each have a 5 to 10 minute piece performed and recorded by the performers listed below.  There will be daily seminars and participants will receive private lessons from Mahir Cetiz, Mehmet Can Ozer and Onur Turkmen. 


Compositions can be submitted for solo instruments or for any combination of:


Violin, Ellen Jewett

Cello, Elizabeth Simkin

Piano, Xak Bjerken

Optional- electronics (if selected, participants must approve their pieces with the faculty)

Participants will also have the chance to work one-on-one with harpists, pianists and string players.


Application deadline: July 1

Acceptance notification: July 5

Submission of scores: August 10


August 24 : Check in

August 25-29 : 5-days of seminars, lessons and concerts

August 29 : Participant Concert

August 30 : Check out


Tuition fee : 300 EU

Housing + 3 meals : Per day 30 EU

Details are in the application form



(OE) Open events are free for KK association members and locals. They need to register at the KK desk at KU.

Drop in cost- 15TL entrance





10:00-12:30 Composer’s Cauldron Seminar

Mahir Cetiz and Mehmet Can Özer discuss their music


13:30-15:00 Ensemble X works with composer pieces (two 45- minute sessions)



10:00-12:30 Composer’s Cauldron


Mahir Cetiz : "Pitch Hierarchy in Makam structures and microtonal pitch-space "

Onur Türkmen: " Modal Designs in Just Intonation"  

13:30-16:30 Ensemble X work with composer pieces (four 45- minute sessions)



10:00-12:30 Composer’s Cauldron

 Xak Bjerken: "Color, Pedaling, and Unusual Techniques in Modern Pianism”

Jerfi Aji and Xak Bjerken: “The do’s and don'ts when writing for the piano today”

13:30-15:00 Ensemble X works with composer pieces (two 45- minute sessions)



10:00-12:30 Composer’s Cauldron

Mehmet Can Özer: "Aşure: Tradition Meets Electro Acoustic Music" 

Ensemble X and Bengi Canatan “All about harmonics” For strings, piano and harp


13:30-16:30 Ensemble X works with composer pieces (all 8 works)

19:30 Avlu concert KK Extravaganza- strings, harp, piano including 3 premiers (Free)



13:30 – 14:30 Composers Cauldron: (OE)

Mahir Cetiz "Analytical approaches to sense of motion and timbral categories in music" 


19:30 concert KU Avlu “From the Composer’s Cauldron” 8 Premiers with Ensemble X (Free)

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