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Since 2009, KK has invited young musicians to workshops in Cappadocia and Istanbul, ranging in age from 12- 30 from Turkey, Germany, Italy, Iran, Canada, US, Afghanistan, France, Syria, Russia, Columbia, Japan and England.

In addition to private lessons and public masterclasses with internationally renowned professors and performers, KK places a main emphasis on chamber music repertoire and work with composers. We believe some of the best teaching and learning comes through playing together, and most participants perform alongside faculty and/or more seasoned performers at some point during their attendance. We also are passionate about the belief that collaborative work with living composers (young and old) can form a link from our time to the interpretations of works of the past.

KK starts with the premise that the current music world is a highly competitive one, both in the conservatories and on the concert stage. We aim to cultivate a rigorous performing environment that is also at the same time non-hierarchical and non-competitive, allowing young performers to experiment with alternate perspectives. These include supplemental classes on improvisation, folk idioms and different tuning systems, body awareness and breathing techniques among others.

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