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Music Village

for Kids

2018 - 2019

The main concept for the KK Music Village; Programs for Children organized by the Klasik Keyifler Music Association, is to develop each child’s imagination by stimulating an inner love for music. The aims of these varied courses include strengthening a sense of rhythm and a capacity for listening, as well as developing creativity, concentration, nonverbal communication, determination, inner balance, self-confidence, and cooperation with others. Participants will also learn a bit about the science of music, and will make various simple instruments out of common materials found at home. A main emphasis is placed on musical and dance improvisation which can be essential for establishing deeper correlations between the mind and body movements.  It is not necessary for participants to play an instrument, but they can bring one if they choose. There will be many instruments available to play with at these courses, and all children will have a chance to try them out. Throughout these music making and group improvisation sessions, they will experience the thrill of playing together through our game-oriented curriculum. We believe that the children will return home communicating more intensely with their ears, eyes, bodies and minds.

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