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KK Young Artists Programs 2018

Application Deadline: Aug 10th, 2018

Notice of Acceptance given Aug 15th, 2018


Applications will continue to be accepted after this deadline 

until the course is full.


Details for application :

Application instructions and conditions:

1 –  Please fill out this application form and submit it.

2 – Late applications may be accepted according to the space available in the workshops.

For questions, please contact



3 –  The main accommodation for the students is the dorms of Cappadocia University.

Dorm accommodation is person/per day, double occupancy, including 3 meals.

You can find more info about the college dorms at :


You can of course stay in a hotel of your own choice and cost. There will be no deduction on the course fee in this case !



4 – Active participation fee is 500 Euro. Payments can be done by wiring the money to KKMD bank account. Bank account info is at the bottom of this column.  (you need to to consider the wiring costs, we need to receive the exact amounts ! )


5 - Together with this application, 30 Euro  needs to paid as an application/administration fee.  Without this payment applications are not considered to be submitted. Unless KK cancels the course due to a lack of enrolment, or in the case you are not accepted into the workshop applied for, this fee is not going to be paid back under any other condition. But it will be deducted from the last payment of the course fee. 


6 - The first % 50 of the course fee is due July 20th . If this payment is not received by the due date, the applicant may loose his/her place in the course. This must be paid by wire transfer (please keep your wire transfer info and bring it with you). Please send us an email regarding your payment :


The second %50 is due at the beginning date of the workshop and can be paid in cash, wire transfer. Checks and credit cards are not accepted. ATMs are easily available throughout the Cappadocia area.



7- Participants should make their own travel arrangements to arrive at Aug 25th before the Festival concert and to leave September 10th . Workshops will be held in Cappadocia University Campus, in Mustafapasha, Urgup, Nevsehir.


8- Easiest way to reach to Cappadocia and where we are is to fly to Kayseri Airport. Don’t forget to book an airport to Urgup transfer at before your flight, then take a cab to Sinasos (Mustafapasha)


Wire Transfer Info:


EURO account info:      

    Bank : Garanti Bankası , 

    Branch : Çengelköy, Branch code : 573, 

    Account Name: Klasik Keyifler Muzik Dernegi

    Account No : 90 97 628

    SWIFT  (or BIC) code: TGBATRIS

    IBAN : TR750006200057300009097628


US Dollar Account.

     Bank : Garanti Bankası , 

     Branch : Çengelköy, Branch code : 573, 

     Account Name: Klasik Keyifler Muzik Dernegi

     Account No : 90 97 629

     SWIFT (or BIC) code : TGBATRIS

     IBAN : TR48000620005730000909

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