(OE) Open events are free for KK dernek members and locals. They need to register at the KK desk at KU.

Drop in cost- 15TL entrance




10:00-12:30 Composer’s Cauldron Seminar

Mahir Cetiz and Mehmet Can Özer discuss their music

10:00-12:30 Sasha Bolachev -Harp masterclasses (OE)

13:30-15:00 Ensemble X works with composer pieces (two 45- minute sessions)



10:00-12:30 Composer’s Cauldron

Mahir Cetiz : "Pitch Hierarchy in Makam structures and microtonal pitch-space "; Onur Türkmen: " Modal Designs in Just Intonation"  ​

10:00-12:30 Sasha Bolachev -Harp masterclasses (OE)

13:30-16:30 Ensemble X work with composer pieces (four 45- minute sessions)



10:00-12:30 Composer’s Cauldron

Xak Bjerken: "Color, Pedaling, and Unusual Techniques in Modern Pianism”

Jerfi Aji and Xak Bjerken: “The do’s and don'ts when writing for the piano today”

13:30-15:00 Ensemble X works with composer pieces (two 45- minute sessions)



10:00-12:30 Composer’s Cauldron

Mehmet Can Özer: "Aşure: Tradition Meets Electro Acoustic Music" 

Ensemble X and Bengi Canatan “All about harmonics” For strings, piano and harp

13:30-16:30 Ensemble X works with composer pieces (all 8 works)

19:30 Avlu concert KK Extravaganza- strings, harp, piano including 3 premiers (Free)



13:30 – 14:30 Composers Cauldron: (OE)

Mahir Cetiz "Analytical approaches to sense of motion and timbral categories in music" 

19:30 concert KU Avlu “From the Composer’s Cauldron” 8 Premiers with Ensemble X (Free)



10:00-12:30 Young Artists –All strings

Jewett and Simkin (begin together and separate after)

Solo Bach works and questions of interpretation (OE)

12:30-13:30 lunch

19:30 Karakus Concert 1001 Concerts; Musical Storytelling

Simkin, Oz, KKYA and all cellists (Free)

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