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 Harpsichord Master Class 

 with Marton Borsanyi and İklim Tamkan 
 4-10 September 2022 
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 In cooperation with 
 Liszt Institute 
 Hungarian Culture Center, Istanbul 
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- This event is going to take place at Liszt Institute, Hungarian Culture Center, İstanbul

Gürsel Mah., İmrahor Cad., No:23 B Blok Kağıthane/İstanbul

- Duration is one week ( x days). Each student will have x hours of private lessons per day.

(Will there be group lessons?)

- Capacity is limited to 12 participant students, at a first come first served base.

- Course fee is 150 Euros.  Payable online with credit card via İyzico secure online system.  In Turkish lira. (Partial and limited scholarships available)

- You may also participate as a passive observer for 10 Euro per day. This means you may attend the lessons to listen and observe but you would not be playing.

- Course fee does not include travel, accommodation or food expenses. Participants from out side Istanbul need to arrange travel and accommodation.

- There is a 20 Euro registration fee, need to be paid at the time of application. Without this payment your application is not complete. This amount will be deducted from the final payment. If you cancel or do not complete the final payment 2 weeks before the course start date, this amount will not be reimbursed. All payments need to be online or EFT,  cash payments will not be accepted.

EFT info:

Account Name: Klasik Keyifler Müzik Derneği,

TL- IBAN: TR94 0006 2000 5730 0006 2993 21

Euro-IBAN: TR75 0006 2000 5730 0009 0976 28

- For the final payment please wait until you receive an acceptance email.

For payments choose the appropriate button:

Equivalent 10 €

in TL

passive observer

Equivalent 20 €

in TL

Registration Fee

Equivalent 130 €

in TL

Final payment

Instruments to be used :

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Harps 2.jpg

Frank Hubbard: French double manual harpsichord.

This harpsichord unites all the french characteristics in itself. Has two aligned keyboards, a full range of 5 octaves, 8' and 4' stops on the lower manual and an 8' on the upper manual with a shove coupler. In addition, to both 8' stops a buff stop can be added, Such instruments were used from the 1720 onwards and one can play pretty well everything on them. Most importantly though such double manual instruments allow the player to play both keyboards independently, making one instrument sound like two instruments. This is what the French call croisée, a technique that a lot of French composers employed, such as Couperin and Rameau, but also J. S. Bach in his Goldberg Variations.

Pitch can be 415 or 440 Hz.

Range: FF - f3, full chromatic

Suggested composers: Francois Couperin, Jean.Philippe Rameau, Jacques Duphly, Claude-Bénigne Balbastre, Jean-Joseph Cassanéa de Mondonville and Johann Sebastian Bach where he employs the use of two independent keyboards such as the Italian Concerto or the Goldberg Variations. 

İklim Klavsen 11.jpg
İklim Klavsen 22.jpg

Martin Schwabe: German single manual harpsichord after Michael Mietke 1702

This German harpsichord represents the sound that Bach and his generation knew as German harpsichord sound. It is strung in brass throughout and therefore has a less sustained, nonetheless a very virtuosic, quickly speaking sound. Its action is also quick as the key levers are short. This instrument is suitable for any sort of 17th century French, German, Italian, English harpsichord literature, which prefers the quick speaking quality of the brass strings. This instrument is also excellent for continuo playing. 

Pitch can be 392 or 415 or 440 Hz

Range: FF, GG, - e3 (shortened bass, FF sharp is missing) 

Suggested Composers: Louis Couperin, Jacques Champion de Chambonnières, Jean-Henri d'Anglebert, Johann Pachelbel, Dietrich Buxtehude, Johann Adam Reincken, Georg Böhm, Georg Friedrich Handel, Johann Sebastian Bach.

This harpsichord masterclass in Istanbul has come about in order to inspire young keyboard players and already professional musicians to dive ever more into the domain of early music and early keyboard instruments. During the past some years an ever growing interest for early music and period instruments is seen in Turkey and the number of historically accurate harpsichords is also increasing. KK believes that in such an environment some encouragement to young and interested musicians is more than welcome. Therefore we invite all ages and chamber music groups featuring the harpsichord to participate in a masterclass with our two teachers of Harpsichord: Iklim Tamkan and Márton Borsányi.


They both are looking forward to sharing their knowledge about harpsichord playing and are happy to give their assistance to other interested musicians. 

Duration is one week (5 days of teaching plus opening and closing concerts). In case of a full class, each student/group will have the chance to get 4 hours of private lessons during the entire course. The number of effective hours may vary depending on the number of active participants. 



Opening concert of the masterclass:

Sunday, 4th September 20:00

Programme: Harpsichord duets, harpsichord solo

Opening Concert Program:

Francesco Maria Veracini

Sonata in g minor for Violin and Continuo

Jean-Philippe Rameau

Les Trois Mains for Harpsichord solo

Johann Sebastian Bach

Fugue for 2 Harpsichords no.1 from "The Art of Fugue"

Jacques Duphly

Rondeau Tendre

Johann Sebastian Bach

Fugue for 2 Harpsichords no.2 from "The Art of Fugue"

Georg Philipp Telemann

Sonata in G major for Violin and Continuo

Johann Sebastian Bach

Toccata in f sharp minor for Harpsichord solo

Márton Borsányi

Concerto in b minor for 2 Harpsichords dedicated to İklim Tamkan 


İklim Tamkan - harpsichord

Özge Özerbek - violin

Márton Borsányi - harpsichord



Monday 5th to Friday 9th September

Daily: 11am till 2pm and 3pm till 6pm


Closing concert: - participants performing

Saturday 10th September  11:00


We welcome keyboard players of ALL ages and chamber music groups including harpsichord both as solo or continuo instrument. 

Few Links about the faculty:

With KK


With Iklim


Samples of Marton Borsanyi's performances:

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